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Services and Concrete

Services and Concrete by JD Services

The installation of services is an essential part of the majority of civils work, whether it be ducting for cables, pipework, or the installation of drainage. We have the skill and expertise to install these services correctly. We are also proud of our smart tidy concrete installation work, contact us to find out more.

Service installation

The majority of civils works will include an element of installing services. This could be duct work for running cables at a later date, often from preformed plastic ducts to suit the expected services.

During the earthworks stage of a project there will often be the need to install drainage. JD Services can advise on, and install, all types of drainage from large concrete inspection chambers and pipe-work, to standard domestic-grade drains and chambers. There are many different types of drainage but installing them correctly is essential to get the longest lasting performance from your drainage systems.

There are two main different types of drainage:

  1.  dealing with water from hard surfaces (runoff water) with either soak-aways, remuneration ponds, or controlled out-flow into natural water courses.
  2. The second main type is groundwater drainage (land drainage) where you catch water in the ground and pipe it to, usually, natural water courses or excavate ditches to control the directional flow of the ground water. To keep these drains working well in to the future they need to be installed well with good materials.


Concrete is used for foundations, floors and construction. As a team, we pride ourselves on our smart, tidy concrete installation, we are well experienced and equipped in concrete pouring and levelling for all applications and specifications.