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Fencing by JD Services

The JD Services team specialises in fencing, with over 10 years of experience under our belts within the agricultural, domestic, and commercial sectors.

Post and panel fencing

The main types of fencing we offer include domestic fencing systems comprising of concrete post and gravel board with close board timber panels, providing a level of protection against wind and vision.

When installed correctly the main concrete fencing construction is considered life-time lasting. Hedgehog highways (holes to allow hedgehogs to pass through the fence) can be installed in the gravel boards upon request.

Picket fencing

Bespoke constructed picket fencing is dog and child proof, and allows wind, light and vision to pass through.

Woven fencing

Woven fencing is a smart option for country homes and estates.

Estate railings

And so are estate railings, built from steel bars welded on site. This option can also be used agriculturally.

Commercial fencing

Our commercial fencing systems consist of palistrade security fencing, which is strong and durable, as well as resilient against heavy attack or intrusion.

V mesh security fencing

V mesh security fencing is durable and looks attractive erected in a community environment, offering good security. Can also be used for sports courts such as tennis, as it is more visually appealing than the standard chain link fencing.

We can also erect timber post and close board domestic fencing on a commercial scale such as new build sites.

Post and wire fencing

We undertake miles of agricultural fencing each year predominantly timber post and wire fencing systems with the use of box strainer construction to support all bends and ends. High tensile good quality wire is used enabling us to achieve good tension onto all wire fencing constructions. All wire fencing is terminated with professional termination knots and joined with professional wire joining knots i.e. figure of eight and speed knots. We use only the best materials available on the market. There are different options available for different types of requirements.

Fencing and gates

We also have many other examples of our work with fences and gates.


Advice is available upon request for all projects to assess the most suitable options and cost effective approach.