JD Services


Landscpaing by JD Services

At JD Services we offer all kinds of landscaping services. We undertake soft landscaping, including soil moving and planting, and hard landscaping, including patios and paths, block paving, asphalt roads, and driveways.

We divide our landscaping work into two main sections; soft (soil and planting), and hard (paving and hard surfaces).

Soft landscaping

Soft landscaping is a significant part of any construction project. While excavations and ground works are being undertaken we store and place the excavations in the correct areas. This ensures that settlement can take place, or means that materials can be efficiently moved once in the final stages of the project, ensuring efficient use of time and motion; reducing costs and improving efficiency reducing time scales etc.

The levelling of ground should be undertaken in the right conditions to ensure no undue compaction or panning of the areas are caused by unsuitable conditions. Ground can often be landscaped to improve the drainage and serviceability of areas. We can offer good advice and planning for all applications and projects. We have extensive experience in landscaping and reseeding of large areas and community grounds.

Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping tends to be undertaken at the end of a project. At JD Services we offer all kinds of hard landscaping from patios and paths, to block paving, asphalt roads and driveways. Hard landscaping is important to ensure a project is finished smartly, allowing heavily used areas to remain serviceable and maintenance free for a long time to come.