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Quay Heading

Quay Headings by JD Services

We have a proven track record of installing strong and successful quay heading systems. We are happy to offer a range of products and advice to ensure we meet your needs, while providing solutions that suite the site’s requirements.

Timber staging and walkway staging can be installed where good banks are available and waterside access is required, with minimal impact on nature and the environment as water access is not impeded for wildlife. Our main system available include:

  • Timber driven pilling boards with walling and capping tied back using tie-backs with flush-fit front fixings to ensure no boat damage can occur. 
  • Driven plastic pilling sheets with timber wailing and capping is a fast efficient option to preventing bank erosion and gain good waterside access.
  • Steel pilling sheets are an efficient option to prevent bank erosion and gain good waterside access. Steel is far more robust and impact resistant serving as a stronger bank support for heavier used areas.

Tie backs are essential to all quay heading applications giving top support and preventing restraining failure in the future.

Walkways can be incorporated into any of the quay heading systems available above, offering better pedestrian access to the waters edge. Different options of surfaces are available, GRP sheets being a preferred surface as its strong, no slip and doesn’t deteriorate over time